Scottish Terrier Club of America

Health Trust Fund

Barbara DeSaye, Chairperson
Mary Ann Cole, C. Michael Cook, Joanne Kinnelly,
Bonnie Lamphear, Marilyn Lindsay and Carole Fry Owen


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The STCA Health Trust Fund's new pins are here.  You can put them on jackets, coats, vests, sweaters, hats, dresses, shirts, or grooming aprons, and let them reflect your support of Scottish Terrier health research and education.

The pins feature the Health Trust Fund logo with its smart scientific Scottie hard at work with microscope and research test tubes. 

Profits from the pin sales will be used for upcoming Scottie health projects, which include research to develop a DNA test for Scottie Cramp.  HTF's CMO researcher, Dr. Patrick Venta, and two colleagues at Michigan State University have submitted a Scottie Cramp proposal to AKC's Canine Health Foundation, and DNA collection will begin soon.

The Health Trust Fund invites all Scottie clubs and organizations to purchase pins in bulk to make them easily available to members, especially those who don't belong to the STCA and won't see Health Trust Fund publicity in The Bagpiper.  Please consider purchasing pins in bulk for resale to your members.

Price:    $11.00 each, including postage.

Orders May be sent to:    Barbara DeSaye, HTF Chairperson, 3947 Lum Road, Attica, MI 48412 -- (810) 721-0604

Please help support the Health Trust Fund. 

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