The history of the Scottish Terrier Line
  CyberScots, aka Scottie-L
(The First and Longest running Scottish Terrier List on the Internet)

        The internet is a great place to share knowledge and fellowship in the love of the Scottish Terrier Breed.  Michael Migan and Josie O'Brien are the owners of  CyberScots, aka Scottie-L.  We have been providing the List for Scottish Terrier enthusiasts since 1996.  Prior to Michael Migan and Josie O'Brien acquiring ownership of the name, Scottie-L, another individual managed the Line on one of the free internet list providers.  This list manager had a series of disagreements with a small group of participants and due to these participant's incessant disruptive behavior, the managers decided to drop the Scottie-L List without notice.  For many weeks those individuals who had previously participated in the Scottie-L List communicated from an E-mail cc list and did not have a List Provider.  Josie and Michael decided to support, maintain and provide the Scottie-L line to all Scottish Terrier fanciers.
        Josie O'Brien contacted the individual who had previously run Scottie-L, and received express and sole permission to use the name. Since then we have been known as CyberScots, aka Scottie-L on the worldwide web and in list communication.  We are proud of our List and all its members.  We are the longest-running internet List for Scottish Terriers.  We are listed under Scottie-L.com and CyberScots.com in your browser.   We will continue to bring all Scottish Terrier Lovers throughout the world a positive and helpful place to share in their love of the Scottish Terrier.
        Both names Scottie-L and CyberScots are in the process of registration to ensure our members a stable and constant place to help one another give our Scottish Terriers the best care possible.
        As a side note, you will be glad to know that those individuals who had caused the previous List providers this extreme grief were later removed from the CyberScots List due to their disruptive behavior and inability to adhere to basic netiquette. 

        Michael Migan and Josie O'Brien
Scottie-L, aka CyberScots List Owners

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