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marlenesoliver.jpg (22003 bytes)
Marlene Bloch's Oliver
dustyandtavish.jpg (6354 bytes)
Chuck and Becky Ray's
Tavish and Dusty
Duchessand Sammy.jpg (18176 bytes)
Donna and Jim Newton's Duchess and Sammy
BRIDGET.JPG (13034 bytes)
Dave & Kim Mulkerin's Bridget
heather.jpg (14759 bytes)awniebrae.jpg (10644 bytes)dugan.jpg (10314 bytes)bridie.jpg (9678 bytes)
LorRae and Bill Nelson's Heather, Awnie Brae, Dugan and Bridie
ivy.jpg (14229 bytes)taz.jpg (10712 bytes)
Corinne and Adam Kline's Ivy and Taz
spencer2.jpg (22540 bytes)abby2.jpg (28835 bytes)
Melanie Goetz's Spencer & Abby
hartpups1.jpg (11798 bytes)hartpups2.jpg (10220 bytes)
Christine Har'ts new pups
Barow.jpg (14959 bytes)Cpxmas.jpg (23245 bytes)
Scott & Lee Juslin's Celtic Pride

Sofysleeping.jpg (9072 bytes)Sofywalkies.jpg (10378 bytes)Sofyoutside.jpg (10852 bytes)
Brad's Sofy - Age 2 years

sammy4.jpg (25465 bytes)sammy1.jpg (6911 bytes)sammy2.jpg (7925 bytes)
Steve and Ronnie Bromberg's Sammie

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