Marguerite Kirmse Etchings
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"Entr' Acte"

"Try and Get It"

"Soft Shoulders"


"Every Inch a Gentleman"

"A Highland Family"



"Darby and Joan"

"Faithfully Yours"


"Full View"


"Fur and Feathers"

"Hide and Seek"

"Him and Me"

"Hold It"


"Hoot Mon"



"Hot Scent"

"How About It"

"It's a Big World"

"Me and My Shadow"


"My Scotties"

"Over the Top"

"Plain Speaking"

"Queen of them All"


"So Bad"

"Spring Song"

"Tar Baby"

"The Age of Innocense"

"The Home Door"

"The Intruder"

"The Judgment of Paris"

"The Milky Way"

"The Mouse Hole"

"The Optimist"

"Three's A Crowd"

"Train Time"




Morgan Dennis

"German Shepherd"








"Scottie and Wire Fox"

"Two Scotties"

"Scottie and
Two Wire Fox"


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