Limited Edition,
Pencil Signed Prints

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"Sweet Somethings"

"Bucket Wish"


"Stud Dog"

"Dad's the Greatest"

"The Profile"

The Highlander"

"Just the Two of Us"

"High Hopes"

"The Weaving Scot"

"Are You Serious?"

"Another Angel"

"The Straw Family"


"Say It Again"

"Barney & Spot"

The Sixers


A Family Affair

The Flying Scot

"Ravenrock's Basket of Cheer"

"A Wee Bit of Scotch"

babyitscoldoutsidesketch.jpg (19722 bytes)
"Baby, It's Cold Outside"
justapup2.jpg (11591 bytes)
"Just a Pup"
ourfirstscottiesketch.jpg (18564 bytes)
"Our First Scottie"

"Strike a Pose"


"Patiently Waiting"

"In The Snow" 

"Coming Up Yet?"

"Family and Friends"
meanddadsketch.jpg (11184 bytes)
"Me and Dad"

"Rescue - 
Brings Back the Love"

"Required Reading"

"Not Just Pups"

Bad to the Bone


Dog On

Checking it Out

Kith and Kin


Puppy Pansy

Sister Matty

The Niners
imananngel.jpg (13581 bytes)

"I'm an Angel"

I Dare You!

With Admiration

Almost Bedtime

scotchguardprint.jpg (38644 bytes)
"The Scotch Guard"

Aye, Laddie
Pencil Signed Prints
Set of 5 signed prints, from Donna Newton's "SCOTTIE SHOWCASE."
Size 8-1/2" x 11", price $15.00 each; set of 5 for $60.00
Sold as a group or available individually.

funandgamessketch.jpg (20056 bytes)
"Fun and Games"
noteablessketch.jpg (17881 bytes)
(also available as a card)
homesweethomesketch.jpg (22302 bytes)
"Home Sweet Home"


Holiday Prints

babycalvinsketch.jpg (13606 bytes)
"Baby Calvin"
chmotherwellblackbottomcard.jpg (17768 bytes)
"CH. Motherwell Black Bottom"
puppygarlandsketch.jpg (16121 bytes)
"Puppy Garland"
babyitscoldoutsidesketch.jpg (19722 bytes)
"Baby, It's Cold Outside"
roundxmastreesketch.jpg (19419 bytes)
"'Round the Christmas Tree"

christmasmagicsketch.jpg (22550 bytes)
"Christmas Magic"

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