Limited Edition
Pencil Signed Etchings

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atthewindow.jpg (15650 bytes)
"At the Window"

lookingout.jpg (13314 bytes)

"Looking Out"



Every Which Way
But Up"

mac.jpg (21746 bytes)

whatafind.jpg (14018 bytes)

"What a Find!"

basketofcheer.jpg (18121 bytes)

"Basket of Cheer"

standingtallsketch.jpg (59681 bytes)

"Standing Tall"

centennialscot.jpg (9220 bytes)
"The Centennial Scot"

greatscot.jpg (20323 bytes)
"Great Scot"

scottiewreathsketch.jpg (13441 bytes)
"Scottie Wreath"



windupscottie.jpg (21735 bytes)
"Wind-up Scottie"


sleepyhead.jpg (22988 bytes)


whogoesthere.jpg (12535 bytes)
"Who Goes There?"

twohalfpints.jpg (17655 bytes)
"Two Half Pints"

scottishladetch.jpg (9494 bytes)
"Scottish Lad"

antiquesanta.jpg (29177 bytes)
"Antique Santa"


alicerose.jpg (12188 bytes)
"Alice Rose"


willienaptime.jpg (23073 bytes)
"Willie, Naptime"

sleepingbull.jpg (15088 bytes)
"Sleeping Bull"

Artwork is the exclusive property of the artist and may not be reproduced
without prior written consent.

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