Holiday Greeting Cards
(Cards are in packs of five and are blank inside.)
(click on the image to see a full-sized card.)


"Santa's Helper"

babycalvincard.jpg (17848 bytes)
"Baby Calvin"
(also available as a print)
santapawscard.jpg (12885 bytes)
"Santa Paws"
puppygarlandcard.jpg (19941 bytes)
"Puppy Garland"
(also available as a print)
babyitscoldoutsidesketch.jpg (19722 bytes)
"Baby, It's Cold Outside"
(also available as a print)
frostiecassyandsanta2_small.jpg (1439 bytes)
"Frostie, Cassy
and Santa"
christmasmagiccard.jpg (38515 bytes)
"Christmas Magic"
(also available as a print)


"All I Want for Christmas"


"Round the
Christmas Tree"

(also available as a print)



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