Toto, My Love

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Toto helps me garden.

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Toto as a baby.  She used to love stealing pacifiers from my little nieces and nephews.

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Dottie and Toto see the Easter Bunny.
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Toto goes camping with her Mommy.

This page is dedicated to my angel, Toto.  She was the first Scottish Terrier with whom I shared my life.  She died suddenly at the age of seven.  I wrote the poem below for her.


To Toto from her Mommy

Tears seem to flow upon my face
Because you have left without a trace
The hardest part, the agony
Is knowing you will not return to me

One moment, my Love, I held you near
But then my heart was filled with fear
You looked at me with saddened eyes
A look that would be our last good-byes

There is a deepened scar within my heart
From the moment I watched your soul depart
And time will lessen this horrible pain
But the scar of loss will still remain

My little one, I miss you so
I wasn't ready to let you go
I couldn't imagine what life would be
Without you sitting next to me

Your tennis balls are here for you
The treats are ready for your demanding cue
All your toys are set in place
Your face is an image I can't erase

But I've been told by one so dear
The Rainbow river flows from every tear
From the joy we feel from the moment of birth
To the sorrow and heartache of our last day on earth

And so, My Love, until we meet
When my own heart ceases to beat
I will meet you by the River's edge
By the meadows of the Rainbow Bridge.

Josie O'Brien©