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Welcome to the CyberScots List. Thank you for taking the time to join our list of Scottish Terrier enthusiasts.


    Josie O'Brien and Michael Migan are the List Owners of CyberScots.

    You can reach the List Owners via private E-mail at the following addresses:

    Josie O'Brien:
    Michael Migan:


CyberScots is monitored and moderated by the following people.


Beryl Gersch

Perry Lynch


        You can access "CyberScots Classic Scottie," the Web Page created by the Cyberscots List Owners at the following address:



        Please take a moment to privately E-mail the following personal information to Josie O'Brien. This information will be kept confidential and will be used to provide the Rainbow Bridge with your address in the event you suffer the loss of a beloved scottie. The Rainbow Bridge consists of a group of our members who wish to convey condolences from the entire group in the event of such a loss.

        Please include the following information:

    Full Name:
    Postal Address:
    E-mail Address:
    Telephone Number:
    Scottie and other furmember's names, gender, breed.


        Our goal for CyberScots is to provide assistance in the various Scottish terrier needs through providing a forum of communication devoted to our beloved breed, The Scottish Terrier.

        We hope you will enjoy your membership. You are welcome to either actively participate or you may prefer to read the posts. Whichever way you are comfortable is perfectly acceptable. All are welcome here. Our hope is that through a membership consisting of all facets of the Scottish Terrier community, we collectively can share a List that is devoted to the enhancement of education and knowledge for the well-being of the Scottish Terrier and to promote fellowship among those who share love of this very special breed in whichever area each member may be most knowledgeable.

        We hope you will receive much enjoyment, education, laughter and friendship as a member of CyberScots.


        The CyberScots logo has a trademark in process and the concept, "CyberScots" is copyrighted.   CyberScots artwork provided through the ListOwners is copyrighted and is not to be used without permission.


        To subscribe to CyberScots, please go to and enroll by providing your name, email address, and a password.  You will begin receiving CyberScots emails as soon as you are added to the mailman list by the moderator.  You must provide a name in order to be added to the list.

        When you subscribe to CyberScots, your posts are automatically moderated. This means the posts must pass through the list moderator before being posted to the list. New list members will be kept on a moderated status for as long as the owners deem necessary to keep the list a peaceful place to share our love of the Scottish Terriers and to prevent flame wars.

        As in any social setting, CyberScots has evolved into a large group. As we have grown in number, it has become necessary to set forth basic Netiquette and Membership Guidelines in order to maintain a peaceful forum and to prevent flame wars. Please be sure to read the entire documentation which follows and retain a copy for future reference.


        The List Owners and Moderators of CyberScots, will maintain an administrative role in addition to participating in the list. If topics get too personal for the public forum of the list or flaming gets out of hand, we will remind the persons involved to take their discussion to private E-mail.

        This is a privately owned list and is not public domain. The list owners reserve the final right to determine who may remain subscribed. If a person cannot control themselves in this public forum and we have repeated problems, we will remove that person from the list.

        Flaming of judges is not allowed on this list. You will receive a warning, and if you continue to flame, you will be manually removed from the list by the List Owner. Expressing a difference of opinion is not considered a flame. Personal insults and verbal attacks are considered flaming. Please keep in mind it is necessary that you treat your fellow list members with respect.

        Bating, flaming, shouting, obscenity or profanity (by the list owner's standards and not the standards of the whole list) and personal abuse of any kind will not be tolerated. Attempts to get in the last word on any controversial subject is a form of flaming. This is not to say topics such as these do not merit discussion, but please use another forum to continue your discussion.

        If you find yourself starting a post with the words or thought, "I really don't know if I should be posting this, but here goes," don't post the message.  If you can't say something nice, say nothing.  Your mother was right on that one.

        The list owners and moderators reserve the right to moderate posts if any member is flaming. We also reserve the right to reject posts under moderation and to eject trouble makers.

        It is not our intention to eject any member, but if we find your posts to cause dissension in CyberScots, you will first be moderated and then if you continue with your disruptive posts, you will be deleted.

        Once a member has been removed from CyberScots due to their failure to follow these guidelines, their posts are no longer accepted in the CyberScots forum. Therefore, do not forward a post from a member who has been removed by the List Owners.

        Forwarding posts from ejected members is grounds for permanent removal from CyberScots


        Topics of discussion may include, but are not limited to, responsible breeding practices, medical discussion, sharing our love of the breed. Announcement of a litter of puppies. Questions and answers regarding the Scottish Terrier. Scotty Special Forces, your own personal stories, competitions, activities, show results, therapy dogs, training techniques, bragging, club activities and fund raisers, grief therapy, and rescue efforts.


        Certain topics are not appropriate for this list. These include but are not limited to: General animal rights discussions. Slamming or promotion of any animal activist groups.  Backyard breeders and puppy mill subject matter is strictly forbidden on the open list. These subjects have been discussed at great length and are not subjects in which list members will reach an agreement. Please discuss these topics via private E-mail or in some other forum.

        The list is not the place to advertise puppies or dogs for sale.  We DO allow litter announcements and always allow posts about rescue dogs available.  Our photo site has a special section where you can post details and a photo of available RESCUE dogs.

        If you are looking for a Scottie puppy or dog, we recommend that you start your research here:  If these guidelines are not clear, contact one of the administrators for further direction.

        ****Religious and political discussions are better suited for lists designed for such discussions****  CyberScots is not a list for political and religious debate.****

        It is sometimes difficult to interpret what is meant or intended in a written message. Before posting a message, reread your words to see if what you said could be interpreted in ways other than its original intent or in ways that might offend others.

        Each of us has a right to express our opinions, whether others agree or not. Be tolerant of others with whom you disagree. Respond responsibly and privately if appropriate if you wish to express your position on a controversial post. A little tolerance will go a long way toward maintaining harmony within the CyberScots family.

            When responding to a post, include the portion of the post to which you are responding and the name of the original poster. Trim off any text that does not directly apply to your response. You will get an automated reminder of this if you overstep this criteria. In particular, watch out if your mailer automatically appends the entire text of the message before you respond to it.

        Do not reply with short comments such as "ha ha, he he, tee hee, me too or agree here." If you wish to convey this sort of sentiment, please do so via private E-mail.

        Please keep your subject headers appropriate to the topic discussed in your mail and change the subject header if discussion changes.

        Do not repost material appearing on this list elsewhere. Delete the original sender's multi-line signature before forwarding on.  Delete most of the  post you are replying to, but not ALL of it.

        Typing in all caps is net-speak for SHOUTING.  Don't do it.  Besides being bad nettiquette, it is difficult to read. 

        Do not attempt to send attachments of any kind, use plan text for your messages, versus fancy backgrounds or stationery and cute icons.  These will be stripped out by the server.


        Place the phrase, "NON-SCOT" in the "SUBJECT" line when posting any post unrelated to Scotties or send the message via private E-mail. Be sure to check the address before hitting the send button to ensure you are sending it to an individual and not to the entire list.


        If your mail starts to bounce, you will be placed on "no mail" status or we will unsubscribe you, depending on the bounce message received by the list owners.

        If you stop receiving mail, check your status by visiting the mailman server at / and entering your email address and password. If your Mail Delivery option has been set to Disabled, you can reset it to Enabled and click the  
"Submit my Changed" button.


        A Members-Only web-based photo gallery is available here: friends

        CyberScots Members may request a password and upload pictures of their Scotties so that we may see our friends from around the World.

        Several categories of pictures may be uploaded:  Contact for more information.


        Unlike many other mailing list servers, mailman uses a web interface for user commands.  To help you remember it, the link for your web interface will be listed in a banner at the bottom of each email.  As with any other list server, please make sure that you are using the correct address before sending any messages.  The addresses associated with CyberScots are: (to send E-mail to the CyberScots Discussion Group) (To send E-mail to the CyberScots List Owners) (Enter your E-mail address and click the "Unsubscribe or Edit Options"


        Articles and text written outside the list, which have been previously copyrighted, are the property of the author and as such, when posted to the list, the author retains all copyright to such writing.


        Before the internet and before the inception of any other internet Scottish terrier storyline, there was a group of Scotty enthusiasts on Prodigy who contributed to a story line entitled Scotty Tales. These members created the concept of the Special Scotty Forces under the story line of Scotty Tales. In or about 1991 the concept of the Scotty Special Forces was brought to the membership and stories were shared, created and enjoyed by the group.

        The originator of the Special Scotty Forces has agreed to allow the CyberScots members to add to and continue this story line without any assertion of copyright and has agreed all profits will go to a Scotty need. We wish to thank her for her generosity and kindhearted nature in this regard.

        The origin of this story line was developed from the antics of the originator's rescue dog by the name of Laddie which set the story line in motion. If you choose to participate in the ongoing story line, you are doing so with the understanding that you give up all copyright to any contributions. Any monetary gain will go to the benefit of a Scotty dog need. Please be advised that when you post a story line contribution to the list, the poster agrees to relinquish their individual copyright of their post. By posting, the poster agrees that any story line contribution will be used to compile a publication, the proceeds of which will go to the benefit of a Scottish Terrier need.


            As of June 2000 ALL MEMBERS MUST receive permission from the List Owners prior to advertising ANYTHING on this List. The only exception to this will be the various Regional or National Scottish Terrier Clubs, Wee Beasties and a few other individuals who had previously received permission to advertise.   Please E-mail the List Owner, Josie O'Brien at  or Beryl Gersch at prior to presenting the advertisement for approval. . If you DO NOT do so, you will be placed on review.

            We have been forced to take this action due to the disrespectful acts of past members who we were previously forced to remove from the CyberScots List due to their disruptive and malicious behavior. They recently have coerced acquaintances into forwarding their e-mail onto CyberScots. We do not feel CyberScots is a place where our members should be used and abused only for these individual's financial gain.

            This is not a topic that is to be a listwide discussion. This is a FINAL DECISION made by the List Owners.



        By continuing to receive messages from CyberScots, you agree to hold Josie O'Brien and Michael Migan, list owners, harmless for opinions expressed on this mailing list. The opinions expressed in this semi-moderated mailing list do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the list administrators/owners.

        You agree that your access to and use of this list and its contents is at your own risk. CyberScots is a partially monitored list and any communication or materials sent through or posted to it are not endorsed by nor do they necessarily reflect the opinion of CyberScots.

        CyberScots will not be liable for any direct, incidental, consequential, indirect or punitive damages arising out of your access, use or inability to use this list or any errors or omissions in the list or its contents.

(End of document.)